How does it work?

On, people with the same interest (s) can find each other. To ensure that people can find each other, each user fills in a number of questions about his interest (s) via his profile page. It is not mandatory to answer all questions.

After entering the desired information on the profile page, a profile can be found by other users. Users can get in touch with each other by, for example, sending a message or giving a response. The following text describes the functions on the profile page.


Home page / Dashboard
This is the area you will be redirected to when you first log in. Here all options for your account are accessible via the menu bar.
You can return to the Dashboard by clicking PROFILE in the menu bar.

The graph can be found at the bottom of the Dashboard. This is a graph showing what happened to your profile this current week.

Stealth mode
Enabling Stealth mode will make your profile invisible to other profiles. You can change this option at any time. The change takes effect immediately.


This is where all messages go when you receive messages from other users. Here you can view your Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items and Compositions. The New Post page shows you a drop-down list of your favorite profiles.

You cannot send new messages here. To send a message to a person who is not in your favorites list, first go to a user profile. There you can create a new message via the envelope above the profile picture.

Edit profile
You can change your profile here. Eg. Your profile picture and the profile questions.

Here you can upload some photos and, for example, compile a photo album.

Search for other profiles.

Advanced Search
Expand the search by searching for specific interests in a profile.

Search zip code
Search for profiles from any number of miles of a given zip code.

Saved search
Save your searches by name so you can access them quickly.

Shows the profiles that are currently online. You can filter the online results by gender.

Who watched me
These are the profiles that viewed your profile.

I watched
These are all the profiles you have viewed.

Extras / Date Tracker
Keep track of the people you go out with with the Date Tracker. On a profile there is an icon for Date Tracker. Click on it and keep a journal of how this user fared.

Extras / Meet me
Scroll through the member profile and click the Yes or No button. An email will be sent to that user to let them know they would like to meet you.


Here you can change your email address and password.

Agreement Warnings
These are profile matches that you have automatically sent to your email. You turn it on and set the criteria.

These are the profiles that you have blocked from contacting you. You can block a user from their profile view.

Here you determine who you can contact. By default anyone can contact you.

Upgrade Account
Upgrade your account to the Premium membership to access features such as Email and Chat.