• Thanks FriendsFinder!
    I want to thank FriendsFinder.net for letting me find a super nice group of friends in my area on their website to play games together during the weekend.
  • I found my ideal travel companion!
    I found my ideal travel companion on FriendsFinder.net! We have been traveling around Thailand for a month now and we click as if we have known each other for years;)
  • Had a really exciting date!
    I met a really nice guy here! After getting to know him better via the 1-on-1 Chat via my FriendsFinder profile, I had a very exciting date with him .. and a 2nd date is already in the planning;)
  • Chess friend searched and found!
    I never thought that I would find a chess friend at my level on Friends Finder, but searched and found!
  • Found my tennis buddy!
    I quickly found my new tennis buddy through FriendsFinder and am now looking for friends to share my other interests.
  • Tennis group
    For a while I was looking for some guys to play tennis with. Heard from someone that FriendsFinder.net is the place to be. Account was created in no time. In no time I had a group together with people from the neighborhood. We now play tennis every week. Really great!
  • Dating
    This is not yet another dating site, but a site where you can find a friend in the field of, for example, sports, hobby or other things you like. I am looking, so who knows, I might also meet my knight in shining armor here. Thanks VV.
  • Bridge buddy found.
    After my neighbor moved, I was looking for a new bridge partner. On Facebook I saw the advertisement of FriendsFinder.net and thought maybe that's something. After registration, a world opened up for me. I found many more people here with the same interests as me. Not only did I find a new bridge buddy there, but I also found a running buddy in the walking section. Thanks FriendsFinder.