Privacy and cookie policy

In this privacy and cookie policy we explain which personal data of your Friends Finder processes, for what purposes and on what basis. We also explain how long we keep your data and what your rights are with regard to this data, for example the right to view or delete and with which parties we share data. If you have any questions about our policy, you can contact us via the contact page.

When you register with us, sign up for our newsletter or use our services in any other way, the personal data you provide will be recorded and processed in accordance with our privacy and cookie policy. In addition to the personal data that you provide to Vriendenvinder yourself, Vriendenvinder can collect, record and process additional personal data regarding your use of the Vriendenvinder services. It obtains this information through the use of cookies and similar techniques. This concerns the following personal data:
Device data, operating system data and, if applicable, also browser data, used to access a Friends Finder service. This includes, for example, the advertise ID of a mobile device, the version of the operating system and the type of browser you use to access a service; Data regarding the use of a service, such as your surfing behavior, the time at which you use a service and the type of service that is used; Location data from your equipment or derived from your IP address that is passed on to us when you use a particular service; Prior to installing apps that transmit the location of the (mobile) device, you will be explicitly requested to process the location data of the (mobile) device.

The processing of your data for the above purposes is necessary for the implementation of the agreement that you conclude with the Friends Finder when you purchase a product or service.

To keep you informed about the Friends Finder products and services and changes to our privacy and cookie policy.
To send you a newsletter, user information, service message or other (electronic) message.
To show you targeted advertisements from Friends Finder on third party websites. This can be done, for example, by creating specific target groups with the help of targeting tools on Google. Targeted advertisements are then shown to these target groups.

The basis for the processing of your data for the above purposes is consent. You give this permission by accepting the cookie statement of a website or app from Friends Finder.

To comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the Friends Finder, such as the retention obligation for the tax authorities. The basis for the processing of your data for the above purposes is to comply with a legal obligation of the Friends Finder.

The information known about you can be used by Friends Finder on an anonymous basis for analytical purposes. These data cannot be traced back to you, but relate to bundled user information such as: how many men / women visit the site, in which age group is the largest amount of visitors concentrated, et cetera. This information enables the Friends Finder to increasingly adapt its products and services to the wishes of the users.

Your information (with the exception of the information that is part of your profile and that is public) will not be provided by the Friends Finder to third parties without your explicit permission, except as follows. Your data can be provided without your explicit consent to parties that are engaged by the Friends Finder in the performance of its services. This concerns, for example, suppliers of payment services, software and SaaS services (Software as a Service), (advertising) platforms, hosting services and (direct) marketing services. In such a case, your data will only be used on behalf of the Friends Finder for the purposes stated in this statement. In addition, it is possible that the Friends Finder is obliged on the basis of applicable laws and regulations to provide certain information, for example to the police in the context of a criminal investigation or to a third party if an expression or action posted by you on our platform is unlawful towards that third. In these cases, the Friends Finder will only provide information if it is clear that it is obliged to do so.

Third parties can also place cookies and similar technologies via the Friends Finder websites and apps and thus collect data from you. These are, for example, social media parties that offer certain services on the websites and apps of Vriendenvinder.